Dr. Bryce Gates's Articles

Big Star Spotted in Texas!

This month we participated in the first ever Big Star ½ Marathon and 5k! It was a super fun event raising money for the North Texas Community Giving Foundation. 

McSpeeden Elementary Outreach Program

McSpeeden Elementary is a special place… You can tell when you walk through those doors that this school, its kids, staff and faculty are unique! There motto is “Inspire one, Inspire Many” and you can tell it means something to each child and teacher!

The Royal Duke of Custom Dental

Meet Duke.  He is truly an awesome part of our team here at Custom Dental.  Duke is special…. You see, he is a rescue dog that needed a home and Dr. Gates adopted him; and then gave him the training to become a certified therapy dog.  

Hey Everyone

We have had a few busy months getting everything set up in our office and we are finally at a place where we can get out in the community and begin volunteering!