When you hear our office say "We are a family"...It's not by blood, but by a lot of heart and the common goal to serve our community. We truly love each other. 

Today... Our amazing team served one of our own; Katy Davis. We had The Pink Heals Tour stop by the office to encourage her as she recovers from major surgery. We surprised her in the greatest way we knew how!!! This tour travels throughout the United States supporting people, not causes. Spreading love and joy for people who are in recovery! Katy's smile returned today as she honored family members fighting cancer! "I feel so loved... It just filled my heart up! Any major illness is tough to fight through to get your health and energy back. This helped me tremendously today" "My checks hurt from smiling so much, thank you everyone!"
Please go and follow this tour, buy a tee shirt or cool hat and always remember to support & encourage the people that surround you!! #PinkHealsTour #CustomDentalTx #CustomDentalCares #implants #FirstClassDentalCare